Denver's  Premiere  Home and Office Maid Service

Serving the Front Range since 1996

Enviro Tech Cleaning is revolutionizing the cleaning industry.  First, Enviro Tech's commitment to both the environment and technology is self-conscious and deliberate.  This is easily seen in its four-fold filtrated vacuuming system (bringing containment level down to 1 micron in size!), while simultaneously possessing the most powerful motor available.  Additionally, Enviro Tech's commitment is reflected in its usage of today's new micro-fiber technology.  Possessing enough fiber in one cleaning cloth to stretch around our entire world, this new technology is absorbing and its attractive powers are unequaled.

Second, Enviro Tech realizes that this market demands the highest caliber of personnel in order to remain competitive.  Therefore we have brought to this industry a thorough background check and offer an attractive wage and benefit package.  Enviro Tech wants to attract and keep the best of the best.  Our philosophy of the task is unprecedented as well.  We believe that permanent assignments create a greater sense of pride and accomplishment as well as a higher level of efficiency.  Motivated by this pride, our staff "takes care of your home" per your personal instructions and emphases.  Their desire to please permeates all that they do, and once you've experienced it; you'll never want to be without it again - guaranteed! 


Once you've tried it . . . you'll never be without it again!