Hardwood Floors are no small investment, and here at Enviro Tech, we honor your desire by maintaining those floors with the best possible cleaning solution - The Swedish formula -BONA.  You'll find Bona wood floor finishes and care products are as natural as your wood floor.  Bona is ph neutral, which readily translates into the best possible solution to the maintenance of your hardwood floors.  Bona is a water-based cleaner with no acidity, no wax build-up, and no dulling residue.  It also meets or exceeds all state and federal clean air quality standards.   

In Micro-Fiber Technology - the magic is in the fiber.  In the early 1990's, a strong man-made fiber consisting of polyester and nylon was manufactured in Japan and imported to Sweden.  Originally, the fibers are 1/100th the diameter of human hair, but then each fiber is split to produce what is called the TRASAN ultra microfiber.  These tiny fibers are invisible to the human eye.  To understand how thin and compacted these fibers are, consider that it takes thirty-three cloths to reach around the earth.  When these microfibers are woven together into the miracle cloth we call TRASAN, they are able to accumulate and absorb more particles of dirt and bacteria than any other fabric known.

Studies at several Swedish hospitals confirm that microfiber removes not only visible dirt, but bacteria on cleaned surfaces as well.  Hospitals throughout Sweden are now using cloths and mops made of microfiber.

Our Pro-Team Backpack vacuums are another example of our commitment to both cleaning and the environment.  Vacuum systems extract "dust" from carpets, but few people understand what Michael A. Berry, Ph.D., understands regarding dust.  "Dust," he says,

contains dirt, textile fibers, pollen, hair, skin flakes, residue from cleaning chemicals and household products, decaying organic matter, dust mites, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and a variety of other contaminents.  Many viruses use dust particulates as rafts to ride the air...Typical vacuuming does not reduce fine particle-levels indoors.  Fine particulates of less than 7 microns pass through vacuum cleaner bags.

Our Pro-Team vacuums can reach 96.1% efficiency with its Micro-lined and Micro-Tex Cloth Filter bag (99.97% with HEPA filtration), filtering particulates down to 1 micron is size - What does this mean?  It means that our vacuuming systems contains 100% of all dust extracted!  That's 10 times what the naked human eye can see!